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At Mayborn we’re
all about family

That’s right. Our family, our customers’ families, and the generations that’ll follow us. Whilst others say it, we really mean it. Embracing the ups and downs family life can bring.

Born to bring innovation to the baby care industry, we’ve been doing just that for 60 years. Bold and passionate, we challenge and support each other no matter what. With a bright future ahead of us as we transform our business. Parent or not. One thing matters to us. That you approach everything with Spirit, Heart and Ambition. Playing your part in achieving our vision of being the world’s most loved baby company.

Whether it’s nappy changes, midnight feeds, or time for a nap – our family will always be here. Here to help mum and dad enjoy and embrace the rollercoaster ride of bringing up baby.

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Our Purpose

Help mums and dads enjoy and embrace the rollercoaster ride of bringing up baby

Our Vision

Be the world’s most loved baby company

Our Values

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Each Other

We believe in the power of inclusion

We have a culture of healthy respect and a recognition that everyone has a voice and brings value is an important part of how we work, we succeed together, not at the expense of others. We do not tolerate bullying, harassment or unequal treatment of colleagues in any form.

In It

We are one team striving towards the same vision

We are one team, regardless of the role we are in striving towards the same vision and goals and we support and enable each other with every step. Tasks and decisions made in one place have a ripple effect to others and we should all be thinking about our impact on others and looking to involve and engage our colleagues in the work we do together.

To Win

We want to be the MOST loved, the best at what we do

We want to be an envied, successful business, we are not here to be second best. Winning feels great, we enjoy what we do as we help more parents and babies as well as creating more high quality jobs for talented people right around the world.

Be Bold

Being bold is exciting, exhilarating and at times a bit scary.

We are off on an incredible journey and we want to do more and be more, so we can help more parents and babies around the world. That means knowing when to take a risk and push the boundaries.

Take Pride

We should be proud of who we are, what we do and of each other.

What we do is amazing. We make parenting that bit easier which means a better experience for Mums, Dads and babies. We should be proud of who we are, what we do and of each other.

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There’s loads to discover about us, our ambitions and our future. And we’re really excited to share it with you. So, dig deeper, download our manifesto and learn more about the future of family.

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What’s It Like Working Here?


Family first

Friendly, open, and down to earth bunch. It really does feel like family working here. And, like every family, we might have our ups and downs, but we’re connected by strong bonds, and we’ve always got each other’s backs.


Stay Hungry

We’re always hungry for more, a bit like a baby. Constant change, fast-paced, innovative and dynamic. With that comes drive and ambition, and our eye on the bottom line. It’s challenging – but then the biggest challenges get the best results, don’t they?

Keep Learning

If you want to learn quick, then we’re the place for you. We’re all about learning on the job and helping our family reach their full potential with an array of different learning opportunities. With our flat, broad structure, you’ll have access to everyone you need to keep on learning.


Drive Difference

We’re driven to make a difference. It’s at the heart of everything we do. We are ideas people who are bold and up for a challenge. We become invigorated by progress and continually roll up our sleeves to find new and better ways to serve families and make their lives a little bit better each and every day.

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Looking After Our Global Family

We look out for our family. Especially when it comes to caring for our health and wellbeing.
It’s super important to us at Mayborn.

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Mental Health First Aiders and an Employee Assistance Programme to help should you need it

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A wellbeing hour for everyone in our offices to recharge, refresh and re-energise

Work space

Relaxation spaces to support wellness in all of our production sites

Mother and baby

Blended working model for all non-factory based roles to maximise the benefits of both home and office working

Baby sleeping

A dedicated portal to help all employees get the best sleep possible

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“Working at Mayborn gives me the privilege of providing meaningful improvement to mums and dads in their adventure of raising a baby.”
Antonio Fernandez-Galiano Naval - Country Sales Manager, Spain

“We have big ambitions and there is always room at Mayborn for people with talent, ability and the desire to make a difference to parents.”
Steve Parkin - Chief Executive Officer, UK - HQ

“The support of the management team at HQ means I can align myself to the values of Mayborn which I feel part very much of.”
Anne Armstrong - Quality Systems Manager, UK - HQ

“Our team has a strong work ethic, we support each other to achieve the common goal. There is a high energy and drive, but we also have fun.”
Kerry Harrison - Regional Sales Manager, South Africa

“As a product lover, my passion is looking for and develop new products, providing consumer great experience, bringing profit and best reputation for the company and brands.”
Maggie Chow - Global Head of Procurement & Sourcing Operations, Hong Kong

“My career at Mayborn has been exciting with no day the same, I’ve had great learning opportunities which has enabled me to develop into the role I do now, and I’ve had some fun along the way”
Louise Rich - Global HR Director, UK - HQ

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Whilst most parents won’t know Mayborn, they will know tommee tippee. That’s why it’s incredibly important that tommee tippee understands the challenges they face, puts them first and continues to innovate, making their parenting challenges that little bit easier.

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Our Digital Transformation

The digital first mindset of our entire family is transforming our business. Enabling us all to keep creating products parents love. Giving mums and dads the choice of how they buy our products and interact with us. Are we there yet? You must be joking. Our digital transformation is a journey that’s constantly evolving. There’s loads still to do. From data wizardry to eCommerce magic, community experience to digital creativity – each and every one of us is involved in our transformation. We’ve got big ideas and bigger ambitions. We couldn’t be more excited for what our future holds!

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Looking after our world

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We are on a sustainability journey without an end, moving forward on our mission of making the world a better place for our babies to grow up in and evolving it as we go along, always striving for better.

We’re saying ‘bye bye’ to single-use-plastic. ‘See you later’ carbon. And, a huge ‘HELLO’ to renewable energy, sustainable materials, and an all-round brighter future for everyone.

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